'The Ottoman Lieutenant' Makes Romantic Hash Out Of An Epochal Tragedy

Let’s say you had to make up a list of historical moments that might serve as grand backdrops for sweeping, old-fashioned, Hollywood-style romantic dramas. How high would you rank the Armenian Genocide? How high would you rank any genocide? Watching Hotel Rwanda, you probably never hoped that, amid the carnage, Cupid might find a moment to arrow-prick the heart of Don Cheadle’s character. Likewise, as Armenian refugees flee slaughter at the hands of the Ottoman Imperial Army in Joseph Ruben’s handsomely mounted The Ottoman Lieutenant, you might wonder why the camera doesn’t follow them and bear witness to their fate rather than continue its dogged documentation of the American heroine’s struggles with what my mother calls “kissing problems.”

Source : http://www.villagevoice.com/film/the-ottoman-lieutenant-makes-romantic-hash-out-of-an-epochal-tragedy-9735406

'The Ottoman Lieutenant' Makes Romantic Hash Out of an Epochal Tragedy
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