Ivanka Trump: My Father’s ‘Results’ Will ‘Ultimately Speak For Themselves’

Sunday on Sinclair Television Group’s “Full Measure,” when asked about the negative news coverage President Donald Trump gets, first daughter Ivanka Trump said the results of his policies would “ultimately speak for themselves.”


Trump said, “That is, that is true, but results ultimately speak for themselves, and I think you see the results. You’re seeing the result manifesting themselves with record low unemployment rates with a soaring economy and I’m very optimistic that that will continue to happen as, as policies are implemented that are pro-business and pro-American working family.”

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Source : http://www.breitbart.com/video/2017/06/18/ivanka-trump-fathers-results-will-ultimately-speak/

Ivanka Trump: My Father’s ‘Results’ Will ‘Ultimately Speak For Themselves’
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